Development Survey Services

E.G. Rud & Sons can assist with every facet of the development process from site planning to construction staking to ensure that projects are completed both accurately and efficiently.

Our business was built on Residential Development Survey Services

For more than 40 years, developers, builders, real estate agents, landowners and municipalities have relied on E.G. Rud & Sons for accurate and complete land survey services for single-family, multi-family and mixed-use residential developments. Projects range from large-scale developments containing several hundred lots to smaller, fill-in projects of two to ten lots.

Residential Real Estate Developments

Each community and parcel will have unique requirements and characteristics, but our clients typically require the following services for any new development project:

  • Verification of boundaries and definition of topography (the “lay of the land”)
  • Preparation and drafting of a conceptual plan and preliminary design
  • Development of a plat design in accordance with all customer and government requirements
  • Assistance with subdivision process through preparation of all required drawings
  • Design of a site-grading plan that includes conformance with professional civil engineering plans for utilities and streets
  • After securing municipal approval, perform all required construction staking for grading, utility and building efforts

Condominium Platting

In certain circumstances, developers have found benefits in using the condominium platting process. Condominium plat maps precisely define the individual spaces within a multi-unit building that are each owner’s property along with common elements of the property, such as hallways, elevators, exteriors, utility rooms, etc. The typical condominium plat map services include:

  • As-built building footprint and interior unit dimensions
  • As-built common element site improvements
  • Final Plat mylars for client’s recording purposes

We will secure all county surveyor approvals and draft a condominium plat depicting the site plan and building unit information, which is in concert with the project declaration requirements.

New Home Construction

EG Rud and Sons provides all of the land survey services needed throughout the entire new home planning and construction process. We start by coordinating with the builder to review the proposed house design, location and elevations so we can prepare an initial Certificate of Survey for the homeowner. We then stake the lot corners and complete the field staking for construction and inspection, including as-built elevations.

The finalized Certificate of Survey for the city’s building permit review depicts drainage, easements, house location and any necessary municipality information. If required by the municipality, we will return to the site following home construction to complete an as-built survey.

Section Subdivision and Boundary Survey/Legal Descriptions

We offer quality and reliable boundary survey and retracement work. All parcels of land – no matter how they are described – are dependent on the location of the eight original government corners of a regular section. We provide section corner remonumentation and certification as well as fractional subdivision survey services.

We utilize the latest GPS technologies for accurate field measurements and precise surveys. We also prepare and review all of the necessary legal descriptions for real estate transactions.

We help developers put new neighborhoods on the map.

Our experienced staff can help from the beginning by designing a conceptual plan of your development. From there, we can assist with the platting process, grading plans consistent with city and county requirements, and eventual construction staking. Give us a call at 651-361-8200 to see why customers have ben relying on E.G. Rud & Sons for residential platting services since 1977.