Single Family & Multi Family Residential

E.G. Rud & Sons has been assisting its clients with residential platting services since 1977. Our projects have included single-family, multi-family, and mixed-use developments. We take pride in our work please take a moment to view our project samples.

We take pride in our work

We’ve worked on projects ranging from smaller in-fill projects of 2 to 10 lots to larger scale developments that contain more than several hundred residential units. Each community and parcel will have unique requirements and characteristics, but our typical steps are:

  • Verification of boundaries and definition of topography (the “lay of the land”)
  • Preparation and drafting of a conceptual plan and preliminary design
  • Development of a plat design in accordance with all customer and government requirements
  • Assist developer with subdivision process through preparation of all required drawings
  • Design a site grading plan which includes conformance with professional civil engineering plans for utilities and streets
  • After securing municipal approval, perform all required construction staking for grading, utility
    and building efforts